Saturday 05 October 2019

Listeria kills three in two years, source traced to Dutch cold meat factory

Listeria kills three in two years, source traced to Dutch cold meat factory

Three people have died and one woman has had a miscarriage after eating cold meat contaminated with listeria, the public health institute RIVM said on Friday. All are thought to have become ill after eating meat products from the Offerman company over the past two years, the agency said. In total, at least 20 people have become ill after eating Offerman cold cuts. The company issued a health warning on Friday and Jumbo, which stocks 135 different products from Offerman,... More >

Two wins and a draw for Dutch clubs

Dutch football clubs had a good night in Europa League competition on Thursday evening, booking two wins and a draw. PSV Eindhoven trounced Norwegian side Rosenborg 1-4, giving them three more points in their Group D competition and putting them firmly at the top of the table. 🔴⚪️ Malen 🔥🔥🔥 Make that 14 goals in 17 games 👏👏👏#UEL — UEFA Europa League (@EuropaLeague) October 3, 2019 Feynoord of Rotterdam beat Porto 2-0 in their Group G match while AZ... More >

US import tariffs will affect some cheese

America’s decision to increase import tariffs on a range of European products will apply to around half the Dutch cheese exports to the US, the foreign affairs ministry told broadcaster NOS on Friday. Total Dutch cheese exports to the US were worth around €80m last year, and the new duties would apply to around €39m-worth of cheese, the ministry said. On Thursday it emerged that Gouda and Edam cheese were not included in the list of imports to the US... More >

Name tags of 260 WWII soldiers found

The search is on for the owners of 260 name tags belonging to Dutch World War II soldiers which were dug up in a garden in the coastal town of Schoorl. The men were part of the 21st infantry regiment posted at Camp Schoorl in 1940 shortly after the Dutch capitulation. The regiment was told to make things as difficult as possible for the German troops and one of the tactics to delay the German invasion was to flood the... More >

Raccoons earn reprieve in Limburg

Efforts to limit the population of raccoons in Limburg have resulted in two of the animals being caught, with around 150 to go, local broadcaster 1Limburg reports. The raccoons were originally brought to Europe from North America to be bred for their pelts and kept as pets. Many of the animals escaped and made their home in the wild. Raccoons not only damage the natural environment. They can also pose a threat to chickens and rabbits kept in people’s gardens... More >

KLM plane at centre of Glasgow scare

Leaking dry ice in a box on a KLM plane from Amsterdam caused a major security scare at Glasgow airport on Friday morning. Initial reports said that part of the airport had been evacuated because of a suspicious package on board the plane, but it later transpired the box contained dry ice and glass vials containing vaccines. ‘These tubes have remained intact with only the cooling around them starting to leak,’ KLM said in a statement. ‘As a precaution, the... More >

Listeria scare prompts Jumbo meat recall

Supermarket chain Jumbo is recalling 135 different types of pre-packed cold meat ranging from salami to ham because of a listeria scare. Listeria may have been found in one of three factories used by the Offerman meat company to produce chicken and pork products for Jumbo, prompting the recall. Four Aldi products made by the same factory are also being recalled and other supermarkets may follow. Shoppers are being urged to return the products to their local stores and their... More >

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