Thursday 17 October 2019

Hospital staff plan nationwide strike in November in support of better pay deal

Hospital staff plan nationwide strike in November in support of better pay deal

Hospital workers nationwide plan to stop all non-emergency work on November 20 in support of their campaign for a better pay deal. The four big healthcare unions FNV, FBZ, Nu’91 and CNV are campaigning for a 5% pay rise and a supplement for staff who are called up to work at the last minute. They also want measures to reduce the pressure at work. It is the first time that hospitals nationwide have planned to close their doors to all... More >

Cult connection to farmhouse family

The family found living in isolation on a remote farmhouse in Drenthe may have been members or former members of the South Korean ‘Moonie’ cult, Dutch media said on Thursday afternoon. Josef B, the man charged with keeping the family on the farm against their will, was also a member of the cult, and this is how they knew each other, sources told local broadcaster RTV Drenthe. The family became involved in the Unification Church cult, led by the reverend... More >

Farmers camp out in The Hague

Hundreds of protesting farmers have spent the night on the Malieveld close to the parliamentary complex in The Hague and plan to resume their campaign against the government’s strategy to deal with nitrogen-based pollution on Thursday. Some 300 people, both farmers and locals, turned up for a communal breakfast organised by Famers Defence Force, which is behind the protests. Between 20,000 and 25,000 farmers are now thought to have taken part in Wednesday’s protest against the government’s plans to cut... More >

Police searches in Drenthe farm mystery

Drenthe police searched two properties in the town of Zwartsluis on Thursday as part of their investigation into the mystery family apparently kept on an isolated farmhouse for nine years, local broadcaster RTV Drenthe said. Zwarthuis is some 15 minutes drive from Ruinerwold, where the family of young adults were found living in a ‘makeshift’ part of the property on Monday. One of the buildings was home to a wood products company called Natural Homes which shut down some time... More >

Confusion over suicide hotline number

A second person has committed suicide after trying to dial a non-existent helpline, the Volkskrant said on Thursday. A 61-year-old man from Beverwijk tried at least four times to telephone variants on 113 – which is advertised as the suicide prevention service – but the actual number is 0900-0113, the paper said. People are probably confused because the emergency number is 112, the paper said. Last month a 26-year-old woman from Winschoten had also tried to ring 113 for help... More >

Court agrees to delay Wilders' trial

Appeal court judges have agreed to delay the continuation of Geert Wilders’ trial for making discriminatory comments about Moroccans until December 9. Wilders’ lawyer had asked for a delay to give the defence more time to collect evidence of possible political interference in the case by the then-justice minister Ivo Opstelten. Geert-Jan Knoops had requested a delay several times during the hearings, each of which had been rejected. However the judges said on Wednesday, the last scheduled day of the... More >

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