Monday 18 November 2019

Dutch art detective tracks down stolen Oscar Wilde ring

Dutch art detective tracks down stolen Oscar Wilde ring

Dutch ‘art detective’ Arthur Brand has tracked down a ring which once belonged to writer Oscar Wilde and which may have been stolen not once but twice, news agency AFP reported at the weekend. Wilde donated the ring to Oxford University, where he studied, but it was stolen in 2002 and its whereabouts were unknown until now. Brand, who previously recovered a stolen Picasso and Visigoth carvings, used his underworld connections to rediscover the ring, which will be handed back... More >

Dutch emigrees talk Dutch, eat hagelslag

Dutch and Flemish nationals who have recently emigrated to other countries keep true to their roots, continue to speak their original language and celebrate traditional festivals such as Sinterklaas and Kings Day, according to research by language agency Taalunie and the Meertens Institute. Of the almost 7,000 Dutch-speaking emigres who took part in the research project, 97% speak Dutch every week and 85% see the language as a key part of their identity. An estimated one million Dutch nationals live... More >

Property prices drive up household assets

Dutch households are getting richer and their median worth rose €10,000 last year to €38,400, national statistics agency CBS said on Monday. The median figure means that half of households have assets below €38,400 and half have more.  Excluding property, which leads to wild fluctuations, the median income is €14,600. This is €800 down on the record booked in 2010. The residents of Bloemendaal near the Noord-Holland coast were the wealthiest, with median assets of €337,000, nine times the national... More >

Few problems at Sinterklaas parades

Sinterklaas parades in many parts of the Netherlands passed off peacefully on Saturday, as large numbers of police officers were drafted in to head off any trouble involving pro or anti-Zwarte Piet demonstrators. In Apeldoorn, where the main parade took place with only sooty-faced Piets, 12 people in blackface were arrested for refusing to go to the space allocated for demonstrators. Their number included Edwin Wagensveld, leader of the far-right Pegida movement in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, mayor Petra van Wingerden-Boers... More >

Station arrestee wanted in shooting probe

The man arrested by heavily-armed police on a train waiting in Eindhoven station on Thursday evening is wanted in connection with a shooting in Dordrecht on October 18, police said on Friday. The man, who is 24, is the third suspect to be arrested in connection with the incident, in which a 17-year-old youth was shot and seriously injured. The arrest caused chaos for train travellers, who were kept waiting for almost two hours while police in combat gear combed... More >

School girl killer faces 20 years in jail

The man who murdered a 16-year-old girl in the bike sheds next to her school after stalking her for months should be jailed for 20 years, followed by psychiatric prison, the public prosecution department said on Friday. Bekir E is on trial for killing the girl just 45 minutes before she was due to meet police to talk about being stalked. In September, an official report into the murder said the police and social services showed ‘serious shortfalls’ in the... More >

Thousands will get tax fraud compensation

The chairman of a committee investigating a heavy handed anti-fraud campaign by the tax office says thousands of families will eventually be entitled to compensation. Piet-Hein Donner has already said the tax department should pay compensation to some 300 families who faced financial ruin after being wrongly accused of fraud. ‘They lost their jobs, had their wages sequestered,’ Donner said at the presentation of his committee’s findings. ‘You can never make up for that. This is the problem with compensating... More >