Friday 15 November 2019

Security services break tap rule: watchdog

The Dutch civilian and military secret services have again been sharing information with foreign agencies without sticking to the rules, regulator CTIVD said on Tuesday. The services have been collecting data and sharing it with foreign security services without properly checking what they are handing over, the watchdog said. This is only allowed with ministerial permission, and that has not always been requested. The watchdog referred to problems involving 12 AIVD projects with foreign security agencies and 10 operated by... More > accounts info stolen

The account details of 250,000 people who use the website, used by people who visit prostitutes to compare experiences, have been hacked via a software leak, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday. The broadcaster said it had verified information that the hacker has put the information, which includes email addresses, up for sale for $300. Although users passwords are protected, email addresses are easily read and many people have used their real name, NOS said. The website has confirmed that... More >

Local councils oppose 'messy' 5G antennas

  Local councils are sounding the alarm about the use of public space to accommodate 5G telecommunication networks, the FD reports. At least ten local councils, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven, have said they are not happy about proposed changes to the telecommunications law which would force local authorities to make public space available for a new network of antennas. The 5G network needs more antennas because the higher frequencies have a lower range. They are also more... More >

Dutchmen fined $2280 for Area 51 adventure

Two young Dutchmen arrested in the US for trying to enter a military base part of Nevada known as Area 51, have been each fined $2,280 and ordered to stay away from the area for a year, website reported. The men, Ties Granzier aged 20 and Govert Sweep aged 21, both run YouTube channels and there was a drone, camera and laptops with them in the car they were driving. They were arrested a week ago, three miles inside... More >